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High Definition Video

Background: Our Standard definition analog video production work began in the mid 1980's and included the transfer of dozens of multimedia slide shows through the mid 1990's. In 1996 we acquired digital Standard Definition video cameras, shotgun and remote microphones and started shooting and producing field location video sequences for interactive CD-Roms and World Wide Web sites. These included the 1996 Virtual Exploration of Community Watershed Partnerships, and the Interactive Watersheds - Showcasing the nation's community-based-watershed restoration partnerships.

We began shooting and producing HD digital Video in 2004 for Interactive web site projects like the Jamaica Protected Areas Trust, the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign, River Menders, and the Prince of Wales Island Watershed Restoration. (NOTE! Hundreds of videos on all of the sites above were produced using the QuickTime plug-in which is being depreciated from modern web browsers and may not be viewable in 2016 and in the future.) See our Vimeo and YouTube collections for HD videos we produced starting in 2006 that should continue to be viewable in the HTML5 format.

High Definition Video Gallery

This video is based on a 3D Google Earth tour showing several years of restoration work Trout Unlimited and many partners and volunteers have accomplished on abandoned mine lands in the headwaters of the Boise River Watershed in Idaho.
The video and Google Earth projects were produced by Pam Harrington, Trout Unlimited, and Katy Flanagan and Gary O. Grimm, Mountain Visions.

Examples of Google Earth Fly-in/Video Hybrids:

This Time Lapse sequence of a smoke cloud rising from the Halstead fire in the late afternoon on August 25, 2012 was viewed from the Historical Museum north of Stanley Idaho. The small town in the lower part of the photo is Lower Stanley.

More examples of Time Lapse sequences:

Note! This video was selected to be shown at the Egyptian Theatre during the Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival, in Boise Idaho on March 9, 2013.

This video is a composite of footage taken on April 17, 2012 as Emmett High School Students visited an active Sage Grouse Lek and worked with a landowner on a habitat improvement project near Midvale, Idaho. This daylong outing was organized by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and many other partners, including The Nature Conservancy, involved in the Sage Grouse in the Schools program, which offers several other similar outings to schools in Idaho during the spring Sage Grouse Lek season. (See the list of partners in the last title slide in the video)

Examples of Natural Resource Issues Videos:


More examples of Wildlife Videos: