Mores Creek Watershed Tour
Boise River Headwaters Abandoned Minelands Restoration, October 2013

Produced by Mountain Visions for Trout Unlimited

The Google Earth Plug in will play this file in your chosen web browser. (A link will come up with the browser plugin if you don't have it installed.) To start this tour use the "Play" > arrow in the controller bar on the bottom left of the map. (You can pause this play function and navigate around at your leisure and open placemark information windows if you wish.)

This Google Earth kmz file tour contains music and narration and is a sampling of Trout Unlimited watershed-wide restoration projects on abandoned minelands in the headwaters of the Boise River in Idaho. YouTube videos describing restoration efforts along Mores Creek and Grimes Creek are featured. To play the videos in this tour, you must pause the controller bar. After viewing the videos, click the play button on the controller bar to resume the Google Earth tour.

You can also download this Kmz file of the Mores Watershed Tour for playback in the free Google Earth application.

Mores Watershed Tour, October 2013 - Google Earth Plug In Tour

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