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Mountain Visions Multi-image Productions

These three slide projector multi-image shows were produced between 1987 and 1996. They depict cultural events, historic sites, and natural areas in Idaho and the Northwest. They are fully produced presentations with original stereo music and could be shown on a large movie screen with a concert sound system. These productions have excellent photography and have been shown many times as entertainment to auditorium, banquet and conference size audiences.

All of these multi-image shows, which vary in length from 10 to 20 minutes were transferred to videotape.

Multi-image Productions



"Birds of Prey, Their Biology and Ecology" - Produced for The Peregrine Fund. This production is available in Spanish and French and English. This show is permanently housed at the Velma Morrison Interpretive Center at the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise. Photographs of various raptors around the world enhance this educational program. Produced, 1996, running time, 20:00 minutes.


"The Peter T. Johnson Wildlife Mitigation Unit" - Produced for the Bonneville Power Administration and Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game. This program describes the unique ecosystem of the Craig Mountain Area in West Central Idaho. Featured are the wildlife and native plant communities and the historical use of the land. Produced, 1995, running time, 8:30 minutes.


"Splendid Trees, Idaho's Diverse Urban and Native Forests" - Produced for the Idaho Native Plant Society, Idaho Department of Lands, Urban Forestry. This presentation begins with a visual and oral tour of Idaho, identifying the major native trees and the differences between native and urban forests. It also looks at how urban forestry has changed the community of Lewiston and Boise and some tips and resources for growing trees in our urban forests. Produced, 1994, running time, 18:30 minutes.

"Visions of Wilderness" - Produced for the 1994 National Wilderness Conference. This presentation incorporates beautiful original music by Bill Miller, Steve Eaton and Walkin' Jim Stolz. There is no narration and the original photography is from the wild areas of the western US and Alaska. This entertaining and aesthetic production was especially produced for the final Wilderness conference closing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It has been shown as a big screen presentation for entertainment to a variety of groups. Produced 1994, running time, 18:30 minutes.

"Doin' Time" - Produced for the Old Idaho Penitentiary Historical Site, Idaho Historical Society. This permanently installed presentation at the Old Pen looks at the history of its development and eventual closure and establishment as an historic site. Original musical score by Steve Eaton. The production was originally produced in 1987 and upgraded with new photography in 1994, running time, 18:30 minutes.

"Pathways to Understanding, A Walk on the Wild Side" - Produced for Tom Whittaker & The Timberland Company. Tom Whittaker, a disabled outdoorsman wrote the script and narrated this production for presentation at the Outdoor Retailers Show in Reno, Nevada. This motivational presentation chronicles the beginnings of the Cooperative Wilderness Handicapped Outdoor Group at Idaho State University and looks at two handicapped individuals and how outdoor recreation changed their personal lives. Produced 1994, running time, 8:40 minutes.


Wilderness lake."Visions of Wilderness, Ecosystem Protection in the Northern Rockies" - Produced for the Idaho Conservation League and The Wilderness Society. This show addresses the concerns of wilderness and ecosystem protection in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. It was produced to gain support for future wilderness legislation. Original music and photography enhance the underlying message. Produced 1993, running time, 18:30 minutes.

"The Northwest Environmental Data Base" - Produced for the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) and Idaho Department of Fish & Game. An educational program to explain the computerized data base system of river information for the states of Washington, Oregon, Montana and Idaho. This system, developed by BPA, is available for use by people throughout the northwest states. Produced 1993, running time, 17:30 minutes.

"The House of the Great Spirit" - Produced for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. This historical production is permanently housed at the visitor center at Old Mission State Park at Cataldo in North Idaho. It chronicles the Jesuits first contact with the Coeur D'alene indians, the building of the mission church and the years that followed to present day. Produced 1993, running time, 21:00 minutes.


"Heart of Idaho, The Wild White Clouds" - Produced for the Boulder White Clouds Council. This presentation explains the wilderness values and various threats to this large wild area. It has many beautiful donated photographs and aerial photography of this amazing country. Produced 1992, running time, 18:30 minutes.

"Owyhee Canyonlands, the High Desert Country of Southwest Idaho" - Produced for the Owyhee Desert Canyonlands Coalition of Groups. This production depicts the various values of the canyonlands and has been presented to community groups, schools, environmental meetings and public hearings. The video tape was also distributed to various congressional and land management representatives locally and in Washington D.C. Produced 1992, running time, 16:00 minutes.

Canadian geese."Thank God I Live In Idaho" - Produced for the Idaho Department of Fish & Game. This inspirational three projector multi-image program kicked-off the Idaho Wildlife Congress in 1988. Along with spectacular shots of Idaho wildlife and scenery, this production chronicles the history of the Fish and Game Department. The song, "Thank God I Live In Idaho" was written by Idaho singer/songwriter Steve Eaton. This production along with a short version is available on video tape. Produced 1989 and 1992, running time, long version, 16:00 minutes, short version, 7:30 minutes.

"Gold Fever, Land of the Yankee Fork Historic Area" - Produced for the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation. This historical presentation looks at the development of the Custer, Bonanza area and the colorful mining activity that took place during this time. This production is permanently installed in the new Yankee Fork Historic Area Interpretive Center in Challis, Idaho. Produced 1992, running time, 19:15 minutes.


"It's Our Nature" - Produced for the Idaho Conservation League. This short production features music by Steve Eaton and images of Idaho's wilderness and wildlife. Used by ICL as an introduction to various fundraising and public education meetings. Produced 1991, running time 8:30 minutes.

"Idaho Heritage Trust" - Produced for the Idaho Heritage Trust Foundation. This presentation was used by statewide coordinators to educate and fundraise for this program. Produced 1991, running time 14:00 minutes.

"Idaho Natural Areas" - Produced for the Idaho Native Plant Society and Idaho Department of Fish and Game Conservation Data Center. This production describes the various state and federal agencies natural resource area programs in Idaho. It was first shown at the Idaho Natural Areas Conference, October, 1991 and then transferred to videotape for distribution by various agencies. Produced 1991, running time 21:45 minutes.

Shaman, timber wolf."The Howl of the Wolf, The Gray Wolf and Its Recovery in the Rockies" - Produced for the Central Idaho Wolf Recovery Committee. Rich with photographs donated by Mission:Wolf and others, this production is included in the educational "Wolf Boxes" which tour the various educational institutions in Idaho. Produced 1991, running time 17:30 minutes.

"Turn on to Wildlife!" - Produced for the Idaho Department of Fish & Game Volunteer Program. This production is used to fundraise and recruit for the Volunteer Program. The song "Thank You" and various instrumental pieces by Steve Eaton were used. Produced 1991, running time 9:00 minutes.


"Idaho's Centennial Year" - Produced for the Idaho Centennial Commission. This production which recapped the centennial year, premiered at the Idaho's Second Century's Conference, November, 1990. Musical background is largely by Steve Eaton. Produced 1990, running time 17:00 minutes.

"IDAHO - Elk Country" - Produced for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation & Idaho Department of Fish & Game. This show portrays through stunning professional photography, the history of elk in Idaho and management by the Idaho Department of Fish & Game. Original musical soundtrack is by Steve Eaton. Produced 1990, running time 15:00 minutes.


"Planning for the Future of Idaho's Water" - Produced for the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Environmental Quality. This production was shown to open the statewide Basin Area Meetings. These meetings were aimed at generating public input concerning Idaho's water quality. Musical background by Steve Eaton. Produced 1989, running time 23:30 minutes.

"Celebrate Idaho" - Produced for the Idaho Centennial Commission. This production was shown statewide to enhance citizen awareness of the Centennial Commission's and Idaho community activities leading up to the 1990 state centennial. The production was updated once in 1989 and the videotape was used with the IdahoHost program and for statewide distribution. Original music is largely by Steve Eaton. Produced 1987,1989, running time 14:30 minutes.


"Bringing Back The Birds" - Produced for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. This promotional and educational program toured the state to explain the upland game and waterfowl stamp program. Original musical score is by Steve Eaton. Produced, 1987, running time 19:20 minutes.