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Since 1984, we have worked with numerous federal, state and local agencies, businesses and non-profit groups on a wide range of multimedia productions. These groups include the Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife, Idaho Historical Society, Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation, Pyramid Lake Pauite Tribe, The Peregrine Fund, The Nature Conservancy, Idaho Conservation League, Idaho Rivers United, Snake River Alliance, Trout Unlimited and many others.

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About Us

Katy Flanagan and Gary O. Grimm met at the University of Oregon while Gary was the Coordinator of the innovative Outdoor Program Common Adventure Bulletin Board Project. This concept also became popular and was adopted by many other colleges and communities and information was shared broadly via newsletters, conferences and projects. During the 1970's we, and many other "Common Adventurers" were involved in numerous outdoor and wilderness expeditions in Alaska and other western states and helped coordinate regional and national conferences to stimulate public involvement in natural environment and wilderness issues. At the same time we were developing photography and mulitimedia productions to help people visualize, and become involved in, place based areas of concern.

In 1979 we started Mountain Visions and our vision was to continue to help people understand sustainable natural resource and ecosystem environments by creating and presenting exciting interactive multimedia productions. In 1980 we were awarded the Silver medal for entertainment at the International Multi-image Festival and until 1985 traveled across North America giving 12 slide projector multimedia concerts and photography workshops. Between 1985 until 1995 we produced dozens of slide projector/video hybrid products that were used for town hall meetings by environmental groups, community organizations and natural resource agencies. We also engaged in Internet computer bulletin boards and developed networking projects for outdoor recreation organizations, western states centennial projects and environmental groups.

In 1994, when we learned about the promise of the World Wide Web, as a type of online egalitarian Bulletin Board for sharing information, we began to produce our first Mountain Visions web site. Since then we have worked with many different environmental organizations, community groups and natural resource agencies, across the United States to develop interactive virtual tour web sites that have included geo location maps, 360 degree immersive panoramas, videos and community networking centers.







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