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Since the beginning of life on earth, interaction with the surrounding environment has given living individual organisms the opportunity to learn and survive. As human civilization advanced, alphabetical and numerical indexing methods were developed to keep track of supplies and information. Use of computers created the opportunity for us to use a different type of "associative" hypertext and hypermedia links to information. As a consequence, here we are today with interactive multimedia web sites about a wide variety of subjects available to populations of people throughout the world.

With powerful and low cost multimedia technologies and the Internet, compared to a few years ago, it has now become possible for complex natural resource issues to be examined by people who live nearby and by students, scientists, and other citizens who care about these issues. Future decisions about natural resources will depend on projects that continue to increase these learning opportunities for a wider population of people who live on earth today.



Moonsong Malamute Rescue

Mobile friendly web site for Moonsong Malamute Rescue


River Menders

Mobile friendly web site for River Menders, Idaho Fish and Game Volunteer Program


Boise River Trail

Mobile friendly educational web site about the Boise River


Selway River

Pyramid Lake Fisheries educational web site


POW Island, AK

Watershed Restoration Projects on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska


Otis Bay

Otis Bay - Specializing in River, Spring and Landscape Restoration