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Gigapixel Panoramas

A GigaPan can be a huge panorama image with billions of pixels containing fascinating detail, all captured in the context of a single brilliant photo. The full view of the image is displayed initially with tools to zoom in, pan around and browse interactively to reveal details not noticeable when viewing the initial Gigapan image view. Interactive “Snapshot” photos can also be selected to zoom in to view some of these photo details along with descriptive text.

Please view our Gigapan Gallery which now has over 110 GigaPans from locations in Alaska, Canada, and the western states including Yellowstone and Teton National Parks and many taken near Boise, Idaho where we live.

We have embedded a few of our Gigapans in the Gallery on the right for demonstration purposes. At the bottom of each panorama a link to the same image on our Gigapan site is provided where a map location and additional details are available. On our Gigapan site please use the "Full screen" option (graphic diagonal arrow) Full screen arrow. in the upper right corner to view the image in the highest quality. On that site you can also access the "Snapshot" details in the full screen view.

Note that these GigaPans can also be viewed in Google Earth where they have been geographically located and correctly oriented to the terrain landscape. ( On our Gigapan site, use the Google Earth Icon at the bottom of each image to download the KML for use in the 3D Google Earth browser - GE icon.